Tunes from the South​-​East Hylia

by Agate Simfonia

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[Tunes from the South-East Hylia] is a cover album of 16 well-known game soundtracks in the style of Indonesian traditional music, as a tribute to the tunes that have become an inseparable part of our life ever since those first Super Mario Bros steps years ago.

We at Agate Simfonia would also like to introduce the richness of Indonesian music that can be tailored into the soundtracks of video games.

The album consists of 4 mini albums.

I. Super Mario Galaxy: Sundanese Galaxy [tracks 1 - 5]
The album started with a spirited arrangement of the music from "Super Mario Galaxy" originally composed by Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo, in the Sundanese style of angklung, gamelan, and kecapi suling.
Arranged and produced by Haafidz

II. Two Paintings [tracks 6 - 9]
The second part is taken from "Legend of Mana" (composer Yoko Shimomura) and "Xenogears" (Yasunori Mitsuda). The song "Small Two of Pieces" is based upon an orchestration by Natsumi Kameoka.
The arrangement incorporated gamelan as well as other Sundanese instruments to create a new ambiance of the two well-known game worlds.
Arranged and produced by Sandi Mardiansyah
Small Two of Pieces vocal by Lalan

III. Harvest Moon: Melody of Keroncong [tracks 10 - 13]
A new take of the soundtracks of "Harvest Moon: Back to Nature" originally composed by Miyuki Homareda.
The style used in the arrangement is Javanese Keroncong ensamble, which typically consists of a flute, a violin, guitar(s), two ukulele-like instruments called cak and cuk, a cello in pizzicato style, and a string bass in pizzicato style.
Arranged and produced by Satriy0

IV. Tunes from the South-East Hylia [tracks 14 - 16]
The final part is an arrangement of songs from "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" and "Ocarina of Time" (attributed to Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, and Asuka Ohta). The style is derived from Balinese and Sundanese music.
Arranged and produced by Zak'
Party at the Lost Wood vocals by the crew of Agate Studio

The album is produced by Agate Simfonia, an Indonesian based game audio production company led by music director Adrian Benn. We hope you enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed making it!


released June 1, 2013

Agate Simfonia
Bandung, Indonesia
Music Director : Adrian Benn
Arrangers and Producers : Zak, Satriy0, Sandi, M.Haafidz



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Agate Simfonia Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesian-based game audio production.

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